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HSK Auction catalog XXXIX  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
421Edison Storage Battery Supply Co. (OU Thomas A. Edison)21.06.1916750,00unsold
422Geneva, Corning & Southern Railroad (OU W.K. Vanderbilt)18.02.1910100,00100,00
423Harlem River & Portchester Railroad (OU W.W. Astor)01.04.1877125,00150,00
424Harrisburg Car Manufacturing Co. (OU Bache)16.07.1889100,00unsold
425Havana-American Co. (OU Hernsheim)02.03.190080,00unsold
426Hudson & Berkshire Rail-Road (OU Fillmore)01.07.1848350,00unsold
427Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (OU W.K. Vanderbilt)21.08.1918100,00unsold
428James Monroe - President of the United States, General Land Office11.07.1823300,00unsold
429Jersey Shore, Pine Creek & Buffalo Railway (OU Vanderbilts, Depew)07.07.1883350,00370,00
430Jersey Shore, Pine Creek & Buffalo Railway (OU Vanderbilts, Depew)07.07.1883350,00unsold
431Lehigh Portland Cement Co. (8 Stücke)100,00unsold
432Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. (OU J.C. Fargo, Holland)27.03.1873250,00unsold
433Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. (OU W.G. Fargo, J.C. Fargo, Holland)11.07.1871250,00unsold
434Michigan Central Railroad (OU Cornelius Vanderbilt)10.03.1881150,00unsold
435Michigan Central Railroad (OU Cornelius Vanderbilt II)01.03.1881150,00unsold
436Michigan Central Railroad (OU F.W. Vanderbilt)10.03.1881100,00unsold
437Michigan Central Railroad (OU George W. Vanderbilt)01.02.1890200,00unsold
438Middlesex Electric Light Co. (OU Firth, Irfield)08.10.188375,00unsold
439Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway (OU Jay Gould)25.03.1880100,00unsold
440Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway (OU John D. Rockefeller)01.07.1891800,00unsold
441Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway (OU Rogers, Clews)01.07.189175,00unsold
442Moulton Mining Co. (3 Stücke) (OU Clark)100,00unsold
443National Transit Co. (OU H. H. Rogers)16.03.1899150,00unsold
444New Jersey Junction Railroad (OU John Pierpont Morgan)30.06.1886125,00unsold
445New Orleans Great Northern Railroad (OU C.W. Goodyear jr)01.11.1913100,00100,00
446New York Central & Hudson River RR + West Shore RR + Beech Creek RR (7 Stücke)100,00unsold
447New York Central Railroad (OU Corning)01.08.185350,0050,00
448New York Central Sleeping Car Co. (OU F.W. Vanderbilt, Webb)11.04.1883200,00unsold
449New York Central Sleeping Car Co. (OU Wagner, W.H. Vanderbilt)05.01.1882180,00unsold
450New York & Harlem Rail-Road (OU W.H. + C. Vanderbilt)06.08.1873200,00unsold
451North American Land Company (OU Robert Morris)16.03.1795250,00unsold
452North American Land Company (OU Robert Morris)16.03.1795250,00unsold
453Northern Pacific Railroad (OU Jay Cooke)01.07.187010.000,00unsold
454Oklahoma Oil Corp. (OU Jean Paul Getty)15.07.1922380,00380,00
455Oregon & Transcontinental Co. (OU Henry Villard)16.05.188975,00unsold
456Pennsylvania Company (OU Thomas A. Scott) (2 Stücke)100,00100,00 n
457Peoria & Bureau Valley Railroad (OU Thomas Durant)13.08.1873100,00unsold
458Pettengill Telegraph Revolver Co. (OU Pettengill)09.03.1858350,00unsold
459Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road (OU Bingham)16.03.1795400,00400,00 n
460Phillip Best Brewing Co. (OU Frederick Pabst + Charles Best)20.05.1873100,00100,00
461Pabst Brewing Co. (OU Gustave Pabst)29.12.1909100,00100,00
462Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad (OU Fredrick Vanderbilt)24.10.1883200,00unsold
463Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad (OU Fredrick Vanderbilt)24.10.1883200,00unsold
464Pittsburgh, Virginia & Charleston Railway (OU Benjamin F. Jones)30.07.1872150,00unsold
465Porter Zinc and Lead Mining Co. (OU Porter)22.05.1891100,00unsold
466Pullman's Palace Car Co. (OU George Mortimer Pullman)03.03.1870100,00100,00
467R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (OU R.J. Reynolds)15.03.19061.000,00unsold
468San Francisco & San Joaquin Valley Railway (OU C. Spreckels)13.05.189575,0075,00 n
469Schuyler's Steam Tow Boat Line (OU Schuyler)23.09.1879250,00unsold
470St. Louis, Alton & Terre Haute Railroad (OU Harriman)24.04.1883160,00240,00
471Standard Oil Co. (OU J.D. Rockefeller, 3x Flagler)27.11.18782.800,00unsold
472Standard Oil Trust (OU John D. Rockefeller, Henry M. Flagler, Jabez A. Bostwick)27.10.1882800,00unsold
473State of New York - Konvolut (4 Stücke Vanderbilts)200,00unsold
474Sterling Iron & Railway Co.18.04.189275,00unsold
475Territory of Florida (Cr. 38A, R9) (OU Call, Gramble)01.01.1838150,00unsold
476Thomas A. Edison Incorp. (2 x OU Thomas A. Edison)04.02.1924750,00unsold
477Thomas A. Edison Incorp. (OU Charles Edison)30.12.1935400,00unsold
478Thomas A. Edison Incorp. (OU Thomas A. Edison + Charles Edison)09.07.1925750,00unsold
479Trow City Directory Company (OU Trow)11.07.1871100,00unsold
480United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Co. (OU J.J. Astor)20.09.1904180,00unsold
481United States of America - State of Connecticut (OU Hopkinson)27.12.1779300,00unsold
482Utica & Waterville Rail Road Co. (OU John Butterfield)01.01.1866200,00unsold
483Victor Pagé Motors Corp. (OU Victor Page)25.04.1923125,00125,00
484Wagner Palace Car Co. (OU Webb, OU William Rockefeller)30.05.1888300,00unsold
485Wagner Palace Car Co. (OU Sage)20.10.1893150,00unsold
486Wilmington & Northern Railroad (4 x), International Mercantile Marine (2 x), Baltimore and Ohio (1 x) - DuPont-Konvolut (7 Stücke)250,00250,00
487AG Baltische Baumwollspinnerei und Weberei01.01.1928100,00100,00
488AG der Dorpater Metallfabrik G. & H. Lellep01.01.192180,00unsold
489Akciné Bendrové “EGLYNAS”01.01.192250,0090,00
490Aktsia Selts Kultor01.01.192150,00unsold
491Assekuranz-Gesellschaft "Jakor"01.08.1913400,00unsold
492Dampfschifffahrt-Gesellschaft „Osilia“01.01.1873800,00unsold
493Dampfschifffahrt-Gesellschaft „Osilia“01.01.18731.200,00unsold
494Docks de la Baltique (2 Stücke)150,00unsold
495Estnischer Bodenkreditverein (Eesti Maakrediitselts)01.01.1934150,00150,00
496Estnischer Bodenkreditverein (Eesti Maakrediitselts)01.01.193880,00unsold
497Gouvernement Imperial de Russie - Emprunt d'État Russe Métallique04.05.191690,00unsold
498Kaiserreich Russland (OU Nathan Rothschild)01.03.1822100,00unsold
499Kaubandus-Aktsiaselts “Tööstustarve”01.01.193980,00unsold
500Kindlustuse-Aktsiaselts EESTI LLOYD01.01.1935100,00100,00
501Kodukäsitöö Saaduste Müügi Osaühisus “Kodukäsitöö”01.01.192780,00unsold
502L'emprunt interieur de Latvia (Latwijas)01.01.192080,0080,00
503Land Bank of Estonia (Eesti Maapank)01.01.192760,00unsold
504Russian-Canadian-American Passenger Agency01.01.1924200,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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