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HSK Auction catalog XXXIX  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
337St. Joseph & Grand Island Railroad08.05.18861.000,001.200,00
338St. Louis, Jacksonville & Chicago Railroad16.03.1864300,00unsold
339St. Louis, Jacksonville & Chicago Railroad16.03.1864100,00110,00
340St. Louis, Jacksonville & Chicago Railroad16.03.1864120,00120,00
341Stamford Street Railroad11.06.1900100,00unsold
342State of Arkansas, Cr. 71B (R7)22.06.1871100,00100,00
343Stillaguamish and Sultan Mining28.02.1894150,00unsold
344Submarine Boat Corp.02.04.1929100,00unsold
345Submarine Boat Corp.19.05.1927140,00unsold
346Suburban Traction Co.13.04.189375,0075,00
347Sun Airline Corp.28.02.196875,0075,00
348Susquehanna & Wyoming Valley Rail Road & Coal Co.20.04.1860400,00unsold
349Tarantula Gold Mining Co.18.03.1899180,00unsold
350Third Shooting Festival in New York01.01.1868150,00unsold
351Tide Water and Southern Railroad23.10.1911280,00280,00
352Tioga Navigation Co.22.02.1840300,00unsold
353Toledo & Indiana Railroad08.09.192460,0060,00
354Town of Sandy Creek - Syracuse Northern Railroad01.03.1870150,00160,00
355Transcontinental Aerial Navigation Co.01.08.1888600,00unsold
356Union Railway26.05.1914100,00unsold
357United States & Brazil Mail Steamship Co.24.05.1890180,00180,00
358United States & Brazil Mail Steamship Co.01.06.1886150,00unsold
359United States Printing Telegraph Co.13.04.1896200,00unsold
360United States Shipbuilding Co.23.12.1902100,00100,00
361United States Wireless Printing Telegraph Co.06.11.1907500,00unsold
362USA Schiffahrt (Blanketten) - Konvolut (7 Stücke)100,00unsold
363USA Schiffahrt - Konvolut (27 Stücke)150,00unsold
364USA Schiffahrt - Konvolut (29 Stücke)200,00unsold
365Utah Western Railway01.07.18741.200,00unsold
366Valdez, Copper River & Yukon Railway27.10.1903500,00600,00
367Valdez-Yukon Railroad14.11.1911750,00750,00
368Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika30.03.17913.000,00unsold
369Vessel Owners Towing Co.31.12.1894100,00100,00
370Washington & Chesapeake Beach Railway01.11.1893150,00unsold
371Weehawken Ferry Co.31.12.1870100,00unsold
372Welsh Patagonian Gold Fields Syndicate Ltd.07.02.1893150,00unsold
373West End Railroad15.04.1907120,00unsold
374Western Maryland Railroad01.03.1909100,00110,00
375Western Maryland Railroad19.07.193360,0065,00
376Western Mining & Manufacturing Co.01.02.1859250,00unsold
377Westmoreland Railway12.03.1901100,00unsold
378White Water Valley Railroad01.01.1873130,00140,00
379William Penn Coal Co.31.05.1856150,00unsold
380Williamson Submarine Corp.23.03.1914100,00unsold
381Williamstown Railroad09.01.1873650,00unsold
382Winona & South Western Railway02.04.1888100,00110,00
383Worcester Railroad10.10.1871200,00200,00
384Worrell Bank Lock Co.16.09.1874150,00unsold
385Yreka Railroad17.06.1902400,00unsold
386Zanesville & Ohio River Railway16.01.1888250,00unsold
387Accessory Transit Co. (of Nicaragua) (OU Charles T. Morgan)30.11.18551.200,001.200,00 n
388Allegheny Valley Street Railway (OU Mellon)26.09.1906150,00175,00
389American Cigarette Machine Co. (OU Boller)09.06.1885300,00300,00
390American Express Co. (OU Fargo, Holland, Butterfield)16.03.1857400,00unsold
391American Express Co. (OU Fargo, Holland, Knapp)02.07.1873150,00unsold
392American Express Co. (OU Wells, Fargo)12.03.1866200,00200,00
393American Merchants Union Express Co. (OU Fargo, Knapp, Ross)30.12.1868100,00unsold
394American Merchants Union Express Co. (OU Fargo, Knapp, Ross)30.12.1868100,00unsold
395American Mutual Telephone Co. (OU Dennis Vanderbilt)21.11.1894100,00unsold
396Autographen USA - Konvolut (30 Stücke)500,00unsold
397Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (OU Hopkins)18.08.1855350,00unsold
398Bank of the United States of America, Exchange Philadelphia (OU N. Biddle)14.01.1839300,00480,00
399Bank of the United States of America (OU N. Biddle)03.08.1838300,00380,00
400Boston Elevated Railway (OU William A. Bancroft)30.11.190050,00unsold
401Camden & Amboy Rail Road & Transportation (Joint stock of Delaware & Raritan Canal Co. & Camden & Amboy RR & Transportation) (OU Robert L. Stevens)04.01.1834125,00175,00
402Canada Southern Railway (OU C. Vanderbilt)01.01.188080,00unsold
403Canton, Aberdeen & Nashville Railroad (OU Fish, Clarke)01.12.1884100,00unsold
404Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern Railroad (OU Huntington)16.08.1882150,00unsold
405Chicago & Canada Southern Railway (OU Dillon)02.12.1878150,00unsold
406Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway (OU Baruch)19.01.1915500,00550,00
407Chicago & Rock Island Railroad (OU Farnam)10.01.185780,00unsold
408Chicago & Rock Island Railroad (OU C.W. Durant)12.06.186675,00unsold
409Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway (OU C.P. Huntington)01.07.1881125,00unsold
410Cincinnati, Indianapolis St. Louis & Chicago Railway (OU Ingalls, E.H. Harriman)02.05.1888300,00unsold
411Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan Railway (OU J.H. Wade)25.08.188080,00unsold
412Comstock Tunnel Company (OU Sutro)01.09.188975,00unsold
413Consolidated Traction Company (OU A.W. Mellon)13.12.1897800,00900,00
414David Buick Carburetor Corp. (OU David Dunbar Buick)10.01.1921150,00170,00
415Delaware & Raritan Canal Co. & Camden & Amboy Railroad & Transportation Co. (OU E.A. Stevens)15.02.1861150,00150,00
416E. Remington & Sons (OU Remington)01.11.18821.500,00unsold
417Edison Cement Corporation (OU Mina Edison)02.01.1931150,00unsold
418Edison Portland Cement Co.16.01.190250,00unsold
419Edison Storage Battery Co. (OU Thomas A. Edison)20.02.19081.250,00unsold
420Edison Storage Battery Co. (OU Thomas A. Edison)13.11.19201.250,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railroad
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railroad
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