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HSK Auction catalog XXXIX  

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting price
1Cape of Good Hope Diamond Mining Co.11.06.188180,00
2China - Konvolut (8 Stücke)200,00
3Chinese Government 5 % Reorganisation Gold Loan of 1913 (6 Stücke)500,00
4Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd.07.12.1898100,00
5Dai Nippon Koku K.K. (Imperial Japanese Airways)01.01.1940400,00
6Deutsch-Asiatische Bank15.01.1906800,00
7Egyptian Mail Steamship Co. Ltd.25.03.190780,00
8Ensuiko Sugar Manufacturing Co. Ltd.01.01.1938180,00
9Gouvernement Impérial de Chine - Emprunt Chinois 5 % Or 1902 (Cheng-Tail Railway)27.01.1903300,00
10Hongkong & Whampoa Dock Co,22.10.19011.000,00
11Imperial Chinese Government 5 % Hukuang Railways Gold Loan15.06.1911100,00
12Joint State-Private Guangshon Investment Co. Ltd.01.01.1955100,00
13Kimberley Imperial Gold Mining Co.11.12.1886100,00
14L. Mosseri & Co.01.01.1917100,00
15La Fluviale S.A.31.10.194875,00
16Langlaagte Estate & Gold Mining Company Ltd.09.03.192980,00
17New Croesus Gold Mining Company Ltd.06.05.189580,00
18Princess Estate & Gold Mining Co. Ld.09.01.191260,00
19Princess Estate & Gold Mining Co. Ld.13.12.1912100,00
20Republique Chinoise (10 Stücke)27.05.1925240,00
21Soc. Équatoriale Congolaise Ikelemba S.A.01.11.1900100,00
22Staatspresident der Zuid-Afrikaanschen Republiek12.05.1897250,00
23State of Israel01.08.196750,00
24Transvaal Consolidated Land & Exploration Co.15.11.190480,00
25Ville de Tokyo22.02.1912100,00
26Anaconda Extension Gold Mining Co. (OU Horace A.W. Tabor)18.08.1892650,00
27Antlers Gold Mining Co.24.01.1900200,00
28Apothecaries Gold Mining Co.10.02.1896200,00
29Black Crow Gold Mining Co.13.06.19042.000,00
30Black Diamond Gold Mining Co. (2 Stücke)400,00
31Black Joe Gold Mining, Milling and Land Co.21.08.1895500,00
32Boston and Cripple Creek Gold Mining19.10.189975,00
33City of Cripple Creek Gold Mining Co.19.02.19061.000,00
34Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek Aerial Tramway11.06.1910800,00
35Colorado Springs Rapid Transit Railway12.09.1892600,00
36Colorado Springs & Suburban Railway27.09.19011.000,00
37Cripple Creek Syndicate Mining and Milling Co.02.07.1892100,00
38D.O.C. Gold Mining Co.10.03.1896100,00
39Dante Gold Mining Co. (2 Stücke)400,00
40Deadshot Gold Mining28.10.1899100,00
41Defender Gold Mining Co.07.03.1901400,00
42Dividend Gold Mining Co.09.10.1896100,00
43Eagle Gold Mining Co.08.01.1896100,00
44Elkton Consolidated Mining and Milling Co.27.12.1898200,00
45Ernestine Gold Mining Co.02.02.1904125,00
46Estella Gold Mining Co.27.02.1900100,00
47Fort Worth & Rio Grande Railway04.12.1919120,00
48Frances I. Gold Mining Co.04.04.1896125,00
49Goldsmith Gold Mining Co.09.03.1896100,00
50Good Will Tunnel & Mining Co.20.09.1900400,00
51Kittanning Gold-Silver Mining & Milling Co.27.05.1896500,00
52Klondyke - Cripple Creek and Galena Mining Co.09.06.1900100,00
53Montrose Gold Mining Co.02.02.1900200,00
54Olive Branch Gold Mining Co.07.07.1910300,00
55Pappoose Gold Mining Co.19.09.1899280,00
56Philadelphia and Cripple Creek Cons. Gold Mining Co.05.02.1897125,00
57Pilgrim Gold Mining Co.14.03.1898125,00
58Prin-Seti Gold Mining Co.25.03.1901600,00
59Red Cross Gold Mining & Milling Co.09.06.1900500,00
60Sunflower Gold Mining Co.29.06.1898500,00
61Aero & Motor Club of Asbury Park20.08.1910250,00
62Agricultural Branch Railroad15.01.185660,00
63Akron, Canton & Youngstown Railroad (2 Stücke)75,00
64Alaska Anthracite Railroad08.12.1919280,00
65Alaska Midland Railway01.02.1912250,00
66American Life Insurance Co.03.03.1890300,00
67American Motor Transportation Co.12.01.1929100,00
68American Motor Transportation Co. (2 Stücke)150,00
69American Steamship Co. of Philadelphia14.11.1871350,00
70American Submarine Co.25.02.1870100,00
71Apperson Bros. Automobile Co.01.10.1922250,00
72Arkansas Central Railway01.04.1873400,00
73Ashtabula, Youngstown & Pittsburgh Railroad01.09.1874750,00
74Atchison, Colorado & Pacific Railroad24.12.1879180,00
75Atchison & Pike's Peak Railroad07.09.1866400,00
76Atlantic City and Ocean City Railroad02.06.1941100,00
77Atlantic & Great Western Rail Road04.10.1864440,00
78Atlantic & Suburban Railway07.01.1909150,00
79Atlantic-Pacific Railway Tunnel Co.23.02.1887500,00
80Atrato Mining Co.01.11.1880150,00
81Auburn Automobile Co.25.08.1936850,00
82Baltimore & Ohio Railroad04.07.1835150,00
83Baltimore Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co.21.08.190280,00
84Banco Mercantil de Veracruz S.A.27.03.1899100,00
All prices are in Euro

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