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HSK Auction catalog XXXVIII  

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting price
1Banque de Cochinchine S.A.20.10.1908170,00
2British Municipal Council Tientsin01.07.1934400,00
3Central Bank of Manchukuo (Manshu Chuo Ginko Fukuhyo)01.01.1932250,00
4China - Konvolut (10 Stücke)200,00
5Chinese Government 23rd Year (1934) - 6 % British Boxer Indemnity Loan01.06.19342.000,00
6Chinese Government 5 % Gold Loan of 191202.09.1912100,00
7Chinese Government 5 % Reorganisation + Kaiserlich Chinesische (3 Stücke)100,00
8Chinese Government National Loan01.01.1914650,00
9Chinese Government Shanghai Hangchow Ningpo Railway01.01.193675,00
10Chinese Government Treasury Note 1925/1929 (Vickers Loan)01.10.191980,00
11Chinese Imperial Government Honan Railway 5 % Gold Loan of 190515.02.1906650,00
12Chinese Imperial Railway Gold Loan (Shanghai-Nanking Railway) II02.12.190480,00
13Chinwangato Glass Co.21.01.192130,00
14Gouvernement Impérial du Japon15.05.1910150,00
15Government of the Chinese Republic, Lung-Tsing-U-Hai Railway01.01.1913600,00
16Government of the Chinese Republic (Marconi Loan)27.08.1918240,00
17Imperial Chinese Governement Railway Loan of 1911 (Peking-Hankow Railway)01.01.1911600,00
18Japanische Regierung01.01.194060,00
19King Solomon’s Gold Mines, Ltd.24.04.189550,00
20Manchou Electric Industry (Manshu Dengyo Kabushiki Gaisha Kabuken)01.03.1938100,00
21Mandschurische Schwerindustrie-Entwicklungs AG (MANSHÛ JÛKÔGYÔ KAIHATSU KK)01.09.1938100,00
22Manila Railway Co. (1906)10.05.1907100,00
23Manila Railway Co. (1906)10.05.1907100,00
24Ministerium für Eisenbahnbau01.01.193025,00
25National Government of China Rehabiliation Short Term Bonds15.06.1928250,00
26National Government of the Republic of China - Allied Victory Bond 194201.07.1942500,00
27National Government of the Republic of China, Liberty Bond01.01.193750,00
28National Government of the Republic of China, Liberty Bond01.01.1937750,00
29Nationalist Government Lottery Loan of the 15th Year of the Republic of China, 192601.05.192620,00
30Nationalist Government Lottery Loan of the 16th Year of the Republic of China, 192701.08.192720,00
31Province Hunan01.12.1933100,00
32Provincial Government of Kwang-Tung (China)01.11.191245,00
33Provinz Kwangtung - National Defense01.03.193845,00
34Provinz Kwangtung - National Defense (2 Stücke)01.01.193340,00
35Republic of China01.07.1937650,00
36Republic of China (1940) The 29th Year Reconstruction Gold Loan01.05.194070,00
37Republic of China (1940) The 29th Year Reconstruction Gold Loan01.05.19401.500,00
38Republic of China - Allied Victory Loan 194401.07.1944300,00
39Republik China Lung-Tsing-u-Hai-Eisenbahn01.01.1920200,00
40Sony Corp.01.02.197490,00
41South Manchuria Sugar Manufacturing Co. Ltd.13.04.1925150,00
42Xinjiang Government01.01.194180,00
43Xinjiang Government01.01.1941100,00
44Yunnan Sichuan (Tern Yue Railway)01.01.1903240,00
45African Ostrich Farm and Feather Company06.03.1913300,00
46Alliance, Niles & Ashtabula Railroad02.01.1883180,00
47American Express Co.06.09.1861300,00
48American Express Co.01.04.1863300,00
49American Express Co.17.10.1865250,00
50American Salvage Co.12.06.1916150,00
51Anderson Belt Railway09.12.189880,00
52Arkansas Southern Extension Railway25.08.1905100,00
53Arkansas Southwestern Railway02.01.190960,00
54Asheville Southern Railway01.01.191480,00
55Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fè Railroad in Chicago06.06.1889200,00
56Bailey Run, Sugar Creek & Athens Railway30.11.192680,00
57Banco Israelita del Uruguay16.03.193830,00
58Banco Oriental de Mexicano S.A.01.01.1905150,00
59Bankers and Merchants Telegraph Co.14.08.1884250,00
60Bay Shore Railroad29.04.1884120,00
61Beaver Valley Railroad29.07.191380,00
62Berkshire Railroad16.10.1905100,00
63Birmingham & Northwestern Railway01.07.1912150,00
64Boston & Albany Rail Road27.10.1870600,00
65Briggs National Bank of Clyde27.04.188050,00
66Brownsville Street Railway06.04.190680,00
67Caldwell Railway23.01.189080,00
68Cambridge & Seaford Railroad21.04.1885120,00
69Camden County Railroad07.01.1891160,00
70Canada Southern Railway01.01.1880100,00
71Canadian Helicopters (CHC Helicopter Corp.)10.03.199930,00
72Canton & East Liverpool Railway03.03.191780,00
73Carbondale Coal and Coke Co.27.10.1883250,00
74Carbondale & Shawneetown Railroad09.06.188080,00
75Carolina & Tennessee Southern Railway11.12.1902120,00
76Tennessee & Carolina Southern Railway11.11.191560,00
77Carthage, Watertown & Sackets Harbor Railroad15.01.1874100,00
78Carthage, Watertown & Sackets Harbor Railroad01.08.1902100,00
79Charter Oak Petroleum Co. of West Virginia08.05.1865160,00
80Chesapeake & Ohio Northern Railway12.07.1918100,00
All prices are in Euro

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Central Bank of Manchukuo (Manshu Chuo Ginko Fukuhyo)
Central Bank of Manchukuo (Manshu Chuo Ginko Fukuhyo)
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