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HSK Auction catalog XXV  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l’Assomption (Monastère de Saint-Benoit)07.03.1931150,00unsold
2Addison & Pennsylvania Railway01.10.1892250,00250,00
3Adirondack Company01.01.1864450,00unsold
4American Airports Corp.16.09.1929100,00100,00
5American Beet Sugar Co.01.01.1905125,00unsold
6American Bosch Corp.01.01.1919240,00unsold
7American Oil Co.02.03.191785,0085,00
8American Piano Co.01.01.1920125,00unsold
9Asheville Southern Railway01.01.1914100,00100,00 v
10Atlantic & Pacific Railroad23.07.1889175,00175,00
11Baltimore and Carolina Steamship Co.10.06.1910100,00100,00
12Banco de Credito Hipotecario01.01.1877125,00unsold
13Bank of West Hollywood24.08.1928100,00unsold
14Banking House E. H. Horner01.01.1887450,00450,00
15Bellingham & Northern Railway21.01.1913125,00unsold
16Bethlehem Motors Corp.28.04.1920175,00unsold
17Big Fork & International Falls Railway20.04.193890,00105,00
18Black Mountain Railway28.08.1906185,00unsold
19Blue Ridge Railroad01.07.1869100,00unsold
20Bordentown Banking Co.24.10.1889150,00unsold
21BP America Inc. (2 Stücke)80,00120,00
22Brazil Railway01.01.1907250,00unsold
23Buena Gold Mining Co.12.09.1881150,00150,00
24Burlington & Missouri River Railroad24.05.187085,00unsold
25Callao & Lima & Pacific Coast Railway01.01.1850120,00unsold
26Canada Land & Irrigation Co.11.12.191740,00unsold
27Canadian North Pacific Fisheries08.06.1911150,00280,00
28Canadian Wheat Lands, Ltd.08.03.191140,00unsold
29Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railway03.08.1880450,00unsold
30Central Airport Inc.10.11.1930250,00unsold
31Central of Georgia Railway29.09.1930185,00unsold
32Chattanooga Station Co.22.12.1905100,00100,00
33Cherryvale Oklahoma & Texas Railway01.07.190875,00unsold
34Chicago, Havana & Western Railroad28.08.1916125,00135,00
35Chicago & Northwestern Railway07.07.1933125,00unsold
36Cia. Cessionaria das Docas do Porto da Bahia (Cie. du Port de Bahia)19.10.1906120,00120,00
37Cia. Minera Nacional Anonima El Gallao01.03.188740,00unsold
38Cie. du Chemin de Fer Sao Paulo & Rio Grande S.A.01.04.1902100,00unsold
39Cie. Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama S.A.29.11.1880400,00unsold
40Cie. Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama S.A.01.10.188470,00unsold
41Cie. Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama S.A.15.09.188710,0033,00
42Compania Minera S.A. Nueva Concordia05.11.191075,00unsold
43Company for erecting a Permanent Bridge over the River Susquehanna10.12.1814175,00unsold
44Comstock Tunnel Company01.09.1889100,00unsold
45Concord Bank29.12.1855250,00300,00
46Coney Island & Brooklyn Railroad05.05.1908200,00unsold
47Cypress Petroleum Co. of California09.02.192985,0085,00
48David Music Publishing Co.29.08.1916125,00unsold
49Delaware & Potomac Fish Preserving Co.21.11.1881350,00unsold
50Demerara Railway17.07.1876200,00unsold
51Dillonvale & Smithfield Railway11.10.1926100,00100,00
52Dominion Sawmills and Lumber Ltd.01.07.191070,00unsold
53Dos Hermanos Mining & Milling Co.17.04.1889100,00100,00
54Duluth & Manitoba Railroad06.08.1887400,00440,00
55Early State Bank05.12.1900150,00unsold
56East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railway06.12.1886125,00125,00
57Ehlert Nash Motors S.A. de Automoviles01.07.1930180,00unsold
58Elizabethtown & Paducah Railroad01.05.1873200,00unsold
59Elkin & Alleghany Railway01.05.1914150,00unsold
60Empresa Pesquera Austral S.A.10.12.195990,0090,00
61Empresa Pesquera Robinson Crusoe S.A.30.03.197690,00110,00
62Emprestito Peruano01.07.1870275,00unsold
63Erie Mining Co.11.09.189775,00unsold
64Erie & Niagara Railway01.01.1864480,00unsold
65Establecimientos Filmadores Argentinos E.F.A. S.A.28.11.194075,0075,00
66Etat d’Alagoas10.08.190665,00unsold
67Etat de Pernambuco (State of Pernambuco)15.06.190980,0082,00
68Fair Haven & Westville Rail Road Co.14.06.1902150,00unsold
69First National Bank of the City of Brooklyn07.04.1868175,00unsold
70First National Bank of Toledo01.08.186475,0085,00
71Franco-Texan Land Co.01.09.1876225,00unsold
72Geneva Manufacturin Co. (State Line & Union Railroad)18.03.1861450,00unsold
73Georges National Bank of Thomaston15.03.189575,0075,00
74Georgia & Florida Railway19.05.1919125,00unsold
75Golden Conqueror Mines Inc.28.01.1936185,00unsold
76Golden Sun Tunnel and Mining Co.05.07.191770,00unsold
77Gouvernement de Honduras, Chemin der Fer de Porto-Cortes à la Baie de Fonseca28.02.1869100,00100,00
78Great Kansas Oil & Gas Co.20.05.1905100,00unsold
79Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul Railroad01.08.1892200,00200,00
80Gulf & Chicago Railroad Co.01.08.1889100,00110,00
81Hackensack & Lodi Railroad23.06.1898125,00125,00
82Hawaiian Agricultural Co.24.03.1899250,00unsold
83Herschell-Spillman Motor22.11.1919125,00unsold
84Holston River Railway19.11.1908100,00100,00 v
All prices are in Euro

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