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HSK Auction catalog XLIII  

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LotDescriptionDateStarting price
1China - Konvolut (17 Stücke)200,00
2Dai Nippon Koku K.K. (Imperial Japanese Airways)01.05.1949300,00
3East Indian Railway Co.01.01.185680,00
4Indore State Bullion Exchange25.02.195050,00
5Manila Railway Co. (1906) Ltd. (3 Stücke)100,00
6Midland Railway Co. of Western Australia Ltd.01.07.194660,00
7Raja Gokaldass Mills01.09.191840,00
8Republic of China01.04.1947200,00
9Republique Chinoise (10 Stücke)27.05.1925240,00
10Saraswati Ginning and Manufacturing Co., Ltd.30.08.192150,00
11Società Eritrea per le Miniere d’Oro S.A.16.10.190660,00
12Tata Power Company Ltd.01.04.192050,00
13Tramways & Electricité de Bangkok S.A.01.01.191360,00
14Alaska Anthracite Railroad08.12.1919220,00
15Alaska Central Railway22.07.1903750,00
16Algers, Winslow and Western Railway15.12.193875,00
17American and Mexican Silver Mining Co.15.12.1863100,00
18American Druggists Syndicate30.01.1908100,00
19American Palace Car Co.18.01.1910180,00
20American Salvage Co.12.06.1916100,00
21Apple Computer, Inc.02.11.1998200,00
22Arkansas Central Railway01.04.1873380,00
23Atlantic & Danville Railway30.08.1889300,00
24Atlantic & Danville Railway24.01.1907280,00
25Atlantic & Gulf Railroad01.05.1867280,00
26Atlantic & Pacific Railroad26.03.1888180,00
27Attica & Allegany Valley Railroad20.12.1853500,00
28Bainbridge, Cuthbert & Columbus Railroad01.07.1871150,00
29Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York Railroad16.11.1874360,00
30Baltimore & Susquehanna Rail-Road09.11.1852280,00
31Bank of the United States of N. America24.07.1840150,00
32Bay Minette and Fort Morgan Railroad03.11.190880,00
33Bellefonte & Snow-Shoe Railroad13.06.1859100,00
34Belleville & Eldorado Railroad22.11.188080,00
35Berkeley Athletic Association Ltd.22.01.1891380,00
36Berks County Railroad02.05.1873600,00
37Bernstein Propelling and Lifting Co.14.10.1893200,00
38Big Blackfoot Railway14.01.1911220,00
39Bolivia Railway01.01.1927100,00
40Bombardier Inc.31.01.198040,00
41Boston & Lowell Railroad24.12.1904800,00
42Bridge over the river Susquehanna at or near Harrisburg26.08.1812180,00
43Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad03.07.1902100,00
44Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad21.07.1914180,00
45Cairo & Fulton Railroad10.01.1860750,00
46Canadian Pacific Railway12.07.1909100,00
47Canadian Pacific Railway27.12.1938100,00
48Canadian Pacific Railway27.10.195524,00
49Canandaigua & Elmira Rail Road22.02.1853180,00
50Canandaigua & Niagara Falls Railroad01.11.1854600,00
51Centennial International Exhibition (Centennial Board of Finance)27.05.1876440,00
52Central Union Station & Railway Co. of Cincinnati10.01.1885100,00
53Charles Jacquin et Cie. Inc.17.08.196250,00
54Chicago, Iowa & Dakota Railway19.01.1884180,00
55Chicago, Lake Geneva & Pacific Railway01.01.1887400,00
56Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad20.09.1898750,00
57Chicago & Tomah Railroad26.04.1880180,00
58Chicago, Wisconsin & Minnesota Railroad11.07.1895150,00
59Christmas Wonder Mining Co.09.07.1907180,00
60Cie. Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama S.A.03.08.1887160,00
61Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway04.12.1905100,00
62Cincinnati, Portsmouth & Virginia Railroad27.11.189160,00
63Cincinnati Railway Tunnel Co.01.03.1872280,00
64Cincinnati, Selma & Mobile Railway22.03.1890180,00
65City of Cripple Creek Gold Mining Co.19.02.1906300,00
66City of Rio de Janeiro (Federal District of the United States of Brazil) 6,5 % External Gold Loan01.02.192870,00
67Clear Springs Trout & Poultry Co.15.09.1909100,00
68Cleveland, Mount Vernon & Delaware Railroad27.09.1873180,00
69Clinton Aviation Club21.06.1920150,00
70Columbus Zoological Company11.04.1903500,00
71Connecticut & Passumpsic Rivers Railroad20.01.191350,00
72Consolidated Railroad Co. of Vermont26.04.1888180,00
73Consolidated Steamship Lines01.08.190780,00
74Continental National Bank of Fort Worth12.12.193380,00
75Davenport & St. Paul Railroad31.12.1870180,00
76Defender Gold Mining Co.07.03.1901200,00
77Delaware River Telegraph Co.30.03.1870400,00
78Delaware & Schuylkill Railway01.12.1894150,00
79Denver & New Orleans Railway Construction Co.07.03.1882400,00
80Des Moines Valley Rail Road (formerly The Keokuk, Fort des Moines & Minnesota Rail Road)03.09.1869750,00
81Dubuque & Keokuk Railroad Company North01.05.1851280,00
82East Shore Terminal Co.27.11.1891500,00
83Eastern Sugar Associates01.12.195250,00
84Egg Harbor City & New York Steam Boat & Transportation Co.14.06.1869200,00
All prices are in Euro

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