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HSK Auction catalog XXXIX  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
253Oklahoma-Kansas Railway22.09.1910180,00220,00
254Old Oaks Cemetery Co.20.10.1870250,00250,00
255Omaha & Elkhorn Valley Railway08.03.1895280,00290,00
256Ophir Gold Mining28.02.1898100,00unsold
257Oregon and Southeastern Railroad100,00unsold
258Oriental Gold Mining Co.24.05.188180,0080,00
259Pacific Coast Express25.07.1906100,00100,00
260Pacific & Idaho Northern Railway01.11.1899200,00unsold
261Pascagoula Street Railway & Power Company01.01.1904150,00unsold
262Passaic River Extension Railroad15.04.1907120,00120,00
263Paterson & Little Falls Horse Railroad31.07.1872160,00unsold
264Pennsylvania and Sodus Bay Railroad10.06.18721.000,00unsold
265Pennsylvania and Sodus Bay Railroad01.10.1872750,00unsold
266Peoria Railway Terminal Co.05.05.1925250,00250,00 v
267Peoria & Rock Island Railway13.03.1873200,00unsold
268Peru (4 Stücke)100,00100,00
269Petaluma and Sebastopol Railroad13.03.1889750,00unsold
270Petersburg Railroad16.04.1866500,00500,00
271Petersburg Railroad22.07.1872500,00unsold
272Philadelphia Local Express Co.13.03.1867300,00unsold
273Philadelphia Shipping Co.19.07.191775,0075,00
274Phoenixville, Valley Forge & Strafford Electric Railway01.04.1910100,00unsold
275Phoenixville, Valley Forge & Strafford Electric Railway01.04.1910100,00102,00
276Pickering Valley Railroad27.09.1871450,00unsold
277Pickering Valley Railroad04.12.1918100,00unsold
278Pinal County Bank30.09.1889200,00240,00
279Pittsburgh, Marion & Chicago Railway14.07.1886100,00130,00
280Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad24.10.1883200,00unsold
281Pittsburgh, New Castle & Lake Erie Railroad16.02.1878200,00220,00
282Pittsburgh, San Jose Reduction & Railroad Co.27.11.1905150,00150,00 v
283Placerville Masonic Hall Association23.07.1897160,00unsold
284Plank Road & Harrowgate Land Co.06.07.1857500,00unsold
285Playboy Enterprises, Inc.18.09.198980,00unsold
286Plymouth Rail Road15.07.1848280,00280,00
287Pocomoke Bay Oyster Co.03.03.1886150,00unsold
288Portland & Seattle Railway24.08.1905300,00340,00
289Portsmouth & Concord Railroad17.03.1857200,00220,00
290Pottstown & West Chester Elektric Street Railway22.07.1903100,00100,00
291Pottstown & West Chester Elektric Street Railway01.12.1903200,00unsold
292Poughkeepsie City & Wappinger‘s Falls Electric Railway01.07.1894250,00unsold
293Prescott & Arizona Central Railway21.11.1885250,00unsold
294Pueblo & State Line Railroad08.03.1888480,00unsold
295Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railway01.10.1909120,00unsold
296Raritan North Shore Railroad30.04.1906120,00120,00
297República de Cuba01.06.1869240,00unsold
298República de Cuba01.12.1872180,00unsold
299Republica Dominicana Deuda Consolidada (2 Stücke)100,00unsold
300Rochester, Charlotte & Manitou Railroad01.10.1895150,00160,00
301Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad07.06.1884450,00480,00
302Rockford, Rock Island & St. Louis Railroad23.10.1868125,00125,00
303Rotary Steamboat and Carriage Company120,00unsold
304S.A. Dock Sud de la Capital15.03.188975,00unsold
305S.A. Dock Sud de la Capital15.03.188975,00unsold
306Sabine Pass and Texas Northern Railway12.12.1881270,00unsold
307Salmon River Railroad22.10.1910180,00180,00
308Salt Lake Chemical Works19.04.1888150,00unsold
309Sandy River Railroad02.09.1905400,00unsold
310Schuylkill Transportation Co.01.01.1930100,00100,00
311Schuylkill Transportation Co.01.01.1930100,00unsold
312Scioto & Hocking Valley Railroad01.05.1856220,00unsold
313Scioto Valley Railway27.09.1881450,00unsold
314Scranton & Binghamton Railway19.10.191580,0080,00 n
315Scranton & Forest City Railroad02.04.1889100,00100,00
316Sebago & Long-Pond Steam-Navigation Co.19.07.1849500,00unsold
317Second Avenue Railroad20.01.1898160,00unsold
318Second Avenue Traction Co.01.07.189375,0075,00
319Selah Valley Company27.10.1897200,00unsold
320Seward Peninsular Mining Co.13.04.1906200,00210,00
321Shellenberger Wire Bound Fruit Crate Co.05.11.1906100,00unsold
322Sheridan Hill Mining and Smelting Co. of Utah01.03.1873180,00unsold
323Sherman & Barnsdall Oil Co.30.11.186880,0080,00
324Solomon Railroad09.05.1891500,00600,00
325South Dakota Western Railway19.03.1890500,00unsold
326South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club08.05.18821.000,00unsold
327South Hite Gold Mining Co.19.03.1881100,00unsold
328South & North Alabama Railroad15.08.1877250,00unsold
329South Park & Leadville Shortline Railroad26.09.1892350,00unsold
330Southern Indiana Railway01.05.1906100,00100,00
331Southern Railway (3 Stücke)100,00110,00
332Southern Utah Railroad17.10.1907150,00unsold
333Spokane, Valley & Northern Railway05.08.1917150,00unsold
334St. Anthony Railroad21.10.1910180,00190,00
335St. George Marine Rail-Way12.12.1888150,00150,00
336St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad07.09.1885250,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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