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HSK Auction catalog XL  

The after sale period of the auction has started.
If you want to buy a certain lot, please register first.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
253Philadelphia & Trenton Railroad10.02.1881750,00unsold
254Phoenix Oil Co.10.09.1864150,00unsold
255Pikes Peak Tunnel Mining Railway “Proctor Tunnel System”15.07.1897100,00unsold
256Pittsburgh, Titusville & Buffalo Railway01.02.1876360,00380,00
257Pittsburgh, Youngstown & Ashtabula Railway04.12.1979120,00120,00
258Pomeroy Pharmaceutical Co.06.03.1882200,00unsold
259Potomac Steam Boot Co.01.01.1881340,00unsold
260Pottstown & Phoenixville Railway01.06.1912260,00260,00
261Presque Isle National Bank26.01.1891160,00190,00
262Puget Sound & Willapa Harbor Railway10.08.1918120,00unsold
263Punta Alegre Sugar Co.01.07.1922120,00120,00
264Raccoon Coal & Fuel Co.12.03.190180,00unsold
265Republic of Bolivia (2 Stücke)240,00260,00
266República de Cuba01.09.191750,0050,00 n
267Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad29.11.1870300,00300,00
268Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad18.12.1888500,00unsold
269Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad02.11.1907280,00300,00
270Riddlesburg Coal and Iron Co.29.09.1864100,00unsold
271Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Co.02.06.1883180,00180,00 n
272Sacramento Valley Sugar Association01.04.1908200,00220,00
273Sacramento Valley Sugar Company22.04.1930100,00100,00
274Saint Louis, Jacksonville & Chicago Railroad30.04.1881300,00320,00
275Sandusky & Columbus Short Line Railway31.10.1891150,00unsold
276Sandy River Railroad30.11.1892300,00300,00
277Santa Cecilia Sugar Co.01.02.1905150,00unsold
278Santa Fe, Liberal & Englewood Railroad02.07.1906120,00unsold
279Schuylkill Bank06.07.1839150,00unsold
280Scotch Embrocation Company04.06.1903100,00unsold
281Scranton Anthrazite Coal Co.05.10.1857120,00unsold
282Second Street Cable Railroad30.07.1885280,00400,00
283Selma, Rome & Dalton Railroad13.07.1870750,00750,00
284Shenandoah Valley Railroad14.03.1883100,00unsold
285Sierra Railway Co. of California15.09.1904120,00unsold
286Silver City, Deming & Pacific Railroad06.02.1884240,00260,00
287Silver Glance Consolidated Co.02.03.188160,00unsold
288Sinnemahoning Iron & Coal Co. of Pennsylvania27.09.1892120,00130,00
289Southern Pacific Co.30.09.1913300,00unsold
290Southern Pacific Co.01.06.1914500,00550,00
291Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries, Ltd.01.04.1929300,00unsold
292Southern Pacific Railroad17.11.1859300,00320,00
293Southern Pennsylvania Iron & Railroad Co.01.09.1870200,00200,00
294Southern Pennsylvania Iron & Railroad Co.11.11.1879400,00unsold
295Sovereign Mining Co.01.12.1884100,00unsold
296St. Joseph & Grand Island Railroad01.07.1885360,00360,00
297St. Louis & San Francisco Railway10.02.18911.000,00unsold
298St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad27.09.1909300,00unsold
299St. Louis, St. Joseph and Cripple Creek Mining Co.07.07.1896750,00unsold
300Stanley Aerial Navigation Co.01.04.1901150,00unsold
301Steuben Coal Co.01.11.1867150,00150,00
302Strong Locomotive Co.23.12.1890300,00unsold
303Summit County Railroad01.01.1873280,00280,00
304Sunbury, Hazleton & Wilkesbarre Railway01.05.1878400,00unsold
305Swatara Falls Coal Co.03.08.186575,0075,00
306Swatara Railroad20.10.18421.000,00unsold
307Tampa-Cuba Cigar Co.25.05.1915300,00unsold
308Tioga Navigation Co.19.05.1841500,00500,00
309Toledo, St. Louis & Kansas City Railroad19.06.1886500,00unsold
310Tonawanda Valley and Cuba Railroad17.12.1881850,00unsold
311Trenton Coal Co.14.03.1867150,00150,00
312Union Bank02.12.1840300,00300,00
313Union Navigation Co.23.05.1867150,00170,00
314United States and Azorean Steam Packet Co.20.09.1878480,00480,00
315United States & Brazil Mail Steamship Co.24.05.1890150,00unsold
316United States & Brazil Mail Steamship Co.01.06.1886150,00150,00
317United States Express Co.03.07.1873100,00100,00 n
318United States Mail Steamship Co.18.02.1884320,00320,00
319Universal Tobacco Co.01.07.1903200,00unsold
320Virginia & Truckee Railroad21.06.18691.200,00unsold
321Vulture Mountain Mining Co.26.07.1895100,00unsold
322Washington Aeronautical Corporation03.06.1929500,00500,00
323Washington & Western Railroad01.07.1882150,00unsold
324Waterbury & Milldale Tramway20.12.1912150,00160,00
325Waterloo & Carondelet Turnpike & Ferry Co.15.04.1915150,00150,00
326Western Air Line Construction Co.10.10.188150,00unsold
327Western Loan & Trust Co.04.10.1886100,00120,00
328Western Pacific Rail-Road (City & County of San Francisco)01.05.1865300,00unsold
329Wilmington, Charlotte & Rutherford Railroad14.07.18681.000,001.100,00
330Wilmington & Reading Railroad05.01.1869450,00450,00
331Wilmington & Reading Railroad18.03.1870120,00120,00
332Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad01.12.1882150,00unsold
333Yellowstone Park Association12.08.1885400,00unsold
334Yellowstone Park Hotel Co.01.01.1900200,00unsold
335Yellowstone Park Telephone and Telegraph Co.01.12.1901100,00160,00
336Yellowstone Park Transportation Co.01.01.1910150,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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