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HSK Auction catalog XXXVIII  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
161Ogden Mine Railroad25.02.1898150,00unsold
162Ogden Mine Railroad10.01.1925120,00unsold
163Organic Oil Co.09.03.1865180,00unsold
164Orinoco Navigation Co.04.08.1874250,00250,00
165Penn Yan & New York Railway22.09.1885250,00unsold
166Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad01.08.1855100,00100,00
167Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad01.09.185660,0060,00
168Penobscot & Kennebec Railroad01.09.185660,00unsold
169People‘s Transportation Co.20.05.1865250,00unsold
170Perth Amboy & Woodbridge Railroad20.04.1918250,00unsold
171Philadelphia & Cape May Short Line Railway14.02.1878350,00380,00
172Philadelphia & Long Branch Railroad08.07.1885100,00unsold
173Philadelphia & Yardleyville Railroad23.05.1873300,00320,00
174Pine Creek Railway20.03.188510,0075,00
175Piney River & Paint Creek Railroad02.04.1906120,00170,00
176Pittsburgh & Connellsville Rail Road15.10.1857100,00unsold
177Pittsfield & North Adams Rail Road16.09.1859180,00200,00
178Pond Fork Railway09.03.1916100,00unsold
179Porpoise Fishing Co.10.01.1885750,00unsold
180Pottsville & Mahanoy Railroad07.07.1885150,00unsold
181Poyaisian Land Grant (4 Stücke)250,00unsold
182Prefeitura do Districto Federal Emprestimo de 190401.01.1904400,00400,00 n
183Quincy & Warsaw Railroad01.07.1870250,00unsold
184Remington Arms Company, Inc.01.05.1922400,00unsold
185Rensselaer & Saratoga Rail Road01.07.186250,0051,00
186Republican Valley & Wyoming Railroad16.07.1889120,00120,00
187Richard and Whitlatch Mfg. Co.27.02.1880200,00unsold
188Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad29.11.1870500,00500,00 v
189Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad01.11.1871180,00unsold
190Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad04.10.1907300,00unsold
191Sandy Valley & Elkhorn Railway25.11.192580,0095,00
192Schuylkill Haven & Lehigh River Railroad22.11.1862150,00unsold
193Schuylkill Navigation Co.31.10.1888200,00200,00
194Scioto & Hocking Valley Railroad01.05.1856150,00160,00
195Seattle-Tacoma Short Line04.02.1908100,00unsold
196Second National Bank of Boston07.03.192810,0020,00
197Siemens S.A.16.11.197380,0090,00
198Sloan’s Valley Railway19.05.1906100,00unsold
199South Carolina Railway01.11.188160,0065,00
200Southern Iowa Railway06.04.1900150,00unsold
201Southern Pacific Railroad24.05.1869280,00unsold
202St. John’s Railway12.06.1895300,00unsold
203Stanhope Railroad03.07.1872500,00unsold
204State of Bahia 5 % Gold Loan of 190414.03.1905300,00300,00
205Stollwerck Chocolate Co.13.06.192980,0080,00
206Stollwerck Chocolate Co.08.01.192060,00unsold
207Tacoma Eastern Railroad18.02.1903120,00unsold
208Tacony-Palmyra Ferry Co.11.08.192780,0080,00
209Texas Electric Railway01.01.1917120,00unsold
210Texas & Pacific Railway31.03.1919400,00400,00
211Toledo, Columbus & Cincinnati Railway05.10.190980,00unsold
212Toledo, Delphos & Burlington Railroad05.11.1881280,00280,00
213Trenton & New Brunswick Railroad10.03.190480,0080,00
214Tuckerton Railroad28.06.1926100,00100,00
215Turbotville & Williamsport Railroad21.01.1893100,00unsold
216Tyrone & Clearfield Railroad11.04.1859450,00unsold
217Ulster & Delaware Railroad01.10.1902120,00160,00
218Uniontown & West Virginia Railroad09.03.1876150,00unsold
219USA - Eisenbahnen - Konvolut (50 Stücke)200,00200,00
220USA - Industrie - Konvolut (60 Stücke)100,00120,00
221Utah Midland Railway13.11.1889500,00unsold
222Vigo Bay Treasure Company14.12.1885800,00unsold
223Vineland Branch Railroad23.02.1902150,00unsold
224Virginia Air Line Railway14.12.1906150,00170,00
225Wellston & Jackson Belt Railway18.10.1895120,00unsold
226White Electric Traction Co.01.07.1891120,00130,00
227Wildwood & Delaware Bay Short Line Railroad04.01.1913120,00unsold
228Wilkes-Barre & East Side Railway30.11.191080,00110,00
229Wilkesbarre & Hazleton Railroad05.04.1905100,00110,00
230Wilkesbarre & Hazleton Railroad05.04.1905100,00100,00
231Woodstock Railroad10.04.1874500,00unsold
232Worcester & Somerset Railroad18.06.1872400,00550,00
233York Opera House Association18.04.1881300,00unsold
234Youngstown & Austintown Railway31.08.188880,00unsold
235AG Baltische Baumwollspinnerei und Weberei (3 Stücke)150,00150,00
237Fransche Fondsen, Kantoor van Administratie Hope & Comp., Ketwich & Voombergh und Weduw Willem Borski19.10.186875,00unsold
238Fransche Fondsen, Kantoor van Administratie Hope & Comp., Ketwich & Voombergh und Weduw Willem Borski13.03.188875,00unsold
239Kaiserreich Russland (Innere Anleihe von 1864)01.01.186460,00unsold
240Kaiserreich Russland (OU Nathan Rothschild)01.03.1822100,00100,00
All prices are in Euro

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Bezirksverband Oberschwäbische Elektrizitätswerke
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