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HSK Auction catalog XXXV  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
66First National Bank of Amenia23.12.1886200,00200,00
67First National Bank of Mansfield23.10.1872240,00240,00
68Florida East Coast Railway25.04.1919150,00unsold
69Florida Keys Sponge and Fruit Co.13.11.1914150,00unsold
70Fort Scott and Allen County Railroad31.12.1871350,00unsold
71Fort Worth & Rio Grande Railway03.04.1901100,00100,00
72Frankfort and Shelbyville Electric Railway01.02.1919100,00unsold
73Franklin Bank of Baltimore01.01.1870300,00320,00
74Garland Steamship Corp.07.04.192140,0040,00
75Georgia & Florida Railway01.11.1906350,00unsold
76German Bank of Memphis, Tenn.13.01.1886200,00200,00
77Golden Fleece Steam Boat Co.01.01.18171.000,001.000,00
78Hackettstown Bank01.04.1864250,00unsold
79Hawkinsville & Florida Southern Railway15.10.1896180,00unsold
80Hecla Mercantile & Banking Co.09.05.1890170,00170,00 n
81Hot Springs Railroad01.07.1893160,00unsold
82Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railroad & Coal Co.03.03.1868160,00180,00
83Iaeger & Southern Railway17.01.1902180,00250,00 v
84International Gordon Bennett Race01.01.1912400,00unsold
85International Railroad (Texas)22.07.1872250,00unsold
86Jersey Shore, Pine Creek & Buffalo Railway07.07.1883700,00unsold
87Kentucky Union Railway07.05.1894100,00unsold
88Keokuk & St. Paul Railway23.01.1868180,00220,00
89King Washing Machine & Manufacturing Co.17.05.1871175,00unsold
90Kohala Sugar Co.180,00250,00
91La Alianza Compania de Credito y Segoros02.01.1862300,00300,00
92Lake George Steam Boat Co.01.01.1855150,00unsold
93Lake Ontario & Hudson River Rail Road06.04.1857300,00unsold
94Lamoille Valley, Montpelier & St. Johnsbury & Essex County Rail Road Co.01.05.18711.250,00unsold
95Lamoille Valley Railroad16.01.1872600,001.100,00
96Laurel Fork & Sand Hill Railroad20.01.1876300,00unsold
97Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.08.10.2008350,00350,00
98Little Falls & Dakota Railroad27.02.1883100,00unsold
99Little Miami Railroad02.03.1854100,00unsold
100Lykens Valley Coal Co.19.02.1838125,00125,00
101Mabbett Railway Chair Manufacturing Co.29.06.1867200,00unsold
102Madeira-Mamoré Railway Co.01.10.1910125,00unsold
103Manila Navigation Co.08.06.1904100,00160,00
104Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America (4 Stücke)100,00unsold
105Maritima USA - Konvolut (11 Stücke)200,00unsold
106Maryland Theatre Company16.02.1874300,00300,00 n
107Memphis City Railroad01.10.1881100,00110,00
108Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad17.05.1869270,00unsold
109Merchants Steamship Co.20.06.1866250,00250,00
110Meyers Creek Gold Mining Co.24.08.189960,00unsold
111Miami Extension Canal Stock16.06.1845100,00unsold
112Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway01.03.1924160,00160,00
113Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway01.03.1924160,00unsold
114Minteer Motor Co.17.02.1920200,00200,00 n
115Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway02.09.190410,0010,00
116Mobile & Ohio Railroad20.06.1879100,00100,00
117Monte Cristo Railway27.09.1900120,00160,00
118Montrose Mining Co.02.04.188750,0050,00 n
119Nantasket Beach Steamboat Co.01.03.190660,0060,00
120National Boat and Engine Co.01.12.1910250,00unsold
121National Pisco to Yca Railway01.05.186960,00unsold
122National Pisco to Yca Railway01.05.1869100,00unsold
123National State Capital Bank31.03.1894100,00120,00
124Neptune Gold Mining Co.05.04.1889150,00unsold
125New Canaan Railroad23.11.1867600,001.250,00
126New Jersey & New York Railroad27.11.1885100,00unsold
127New Mexico & Southern Pacific Railroad01.04.1880100,00unsold
128New Orleans & Western Railroad24.06.1896300,00550,00
129New York and Ontario Land Co.21.11.1895100,00unsold
130New York & Havre Steam Ship Company13.11.1867350,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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