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HSK Auction catalog XXXV  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
131New York Railways Participation Corp. + New York Railways Corp.29.04.192660,0060,00
132New York & Santo Domingo Rock Salt & Improvement Co.28.06.1882500,00unsold
133Niantic Bank22.01.1855650,00650,00 n
134Norfolk & Western Railway02.02.191475,0085,00
135North & West Branch Railway07.03.1882200,00unsold
136Northern Pacific & Manitoba Railway09.06.1890120,00140,00
137Nypano Railroad01.12.1906150,00unsold
138Oahu Sugar Co.02.04.1906200,00unsold
139Ogdensburgh & Lake Champlain Railroad01.01.1888180,00unsold
140Old Colony Steamboat Co.12.12.189380,0080,00
141Oregon Electric Railway15.11.1912160,00170,00
142Oregon Steam Navigation Co.15.05.1874200,00unsold
143Pacific Express Co.03.08.1894500,00unsold
144Pacific Land Co.25.05.1863350,00unsold
145Pecos & Northern Texas Railway26.11.190780,0080,00
146Peoples Bank of Philadelphia24.06.1870150,00160,00
147Philadelphia & Atlantic Steam Navigation Co.16.09.1851300,00unsold
148Philadelphia & Southern Mail Steamship Co.13.03.1868250,00unsold
149Photo-Machine Co.18.02.1913150,00unsold
150Pikes Peak Tunnel Mining Railway “Proctor Tunnel System”15.07.1897300,00unsold
151Pittsburgh, Chartiers & Youghiogheny Railway01.04.1892150,00150,00
152Pittsburgh, Youngstown & Ashtabula RR Co100,00unsold
153Pittsburgh, Youngstown & Ashtabula RR Co100,00100,00
154Playboy Enterprises, Inc.01.01.1970120,00unsold
155Playboy Enterprises, Inc.22.10.197590,0090,00 n
156Portland & Oxford Central Railroad08.01.1870600,00unsold
157Potomac Steam Boot Co.13.02.1880350,00unsold
158Premier Taxi Co.30.04.1925175,00230,00
159Premier Taxi Co.29.06.1925150,00unsold
160Puget Sound, Chelan & Spokane Railway10.07.1911200,00200,00
161Radford Southern Railroad & Mining Co.24.02.1905120,00140,00
162Reading & Columbia Railroad15.09.1866150,00unsold
163Ridgway Farm & Land Co.15.05.1856400,00unsold
164Roanoke & Southern Equipment Association01.12.1891100,00110,00
165Roberts-Brevoort Electric Co., Ltd.08.10.1888150,00unsold
166Rock Island-Frisco Terminal Railway07.04.191480,0095,00
167Rockford, Rock Island & St. Louis Railroad26.02.1873450,00unsold
168Salem National Bank06.04.1865200,00230,00
169Schuylkill Bank06.07.1839180,00180,00
170Scranton City Bank18.11.1873380,00unsold
171Sea Island Steamboat Co.20.05.1882180,00180,00 n
172Second National Bank of Bel Air, Md.02.01.1917170,00180,00
173Speedway Park Association10.03.1915280,00370,00
174Spellier Electric Time Co.21.01.1889125,00unsold
175St. Louis Bank Note Co.01.04.1882400,00unsold
176St. Paul City Railway03.05.1887120,00unsold
177State of Alabama, Cr. 61 E (R9)01.05.1862100,00100,00
178State of Arkansas - Little Rock Pine Bluff & New Orleans Railroad Co.01.04.1872120,00unsold
179State of Florida01.01.1870350,00unsold
180State of Louisiana01.02.183610,0060,00
181State of Louisiana01.05.184810,0048,00
182State of Massachusetts Bay01.12.1777300,00300,00 n
183State of New York Debt for the Payment of Bounties to Volunteers05.11.1866150,00unsold
184State of Ohio Canal Stock (Domestic Loan 1842)20.04.1842150,00150,00
185Stockton & Tuolumne County Railroad15.09.1898550,00unsold
186Tem Piute Mining and Milling25.02.1907100,00100,00 n
187Tem Piute Mining and Milling16.10.1907100,00100,00 n
188Toledo & Maumee Valley Railway15.02.1895150,00unsold
189Trenton & New Brunswick Railroad10.03.190480,0080,00
190Tuckerton Railroad01.01.1873500,00unsold
191Tuolumne County Water Co.27.09.186280,00unsold
192Union Navigation Company23.05.1867350,00unsold
193United States & Brazil Mail Steamship Co.24.05.1890240,00240,00 n
194United States Steamship Co.23.05.191880,00unsold
195United States Treasury - Savings Bonds Divison31.05.196880,0085,00
All prices are in Euro

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