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HSK Auction catalog XXXII  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
161New Orleans & North Eastern Railroad08.04.1885100,00unsold
162New York Cable Railway15.08.1884150,00unsold
163New York, Pittsburgh & Chicago Railway26.07.1881250,00250,00
164Northfield National Bank01.02.1869200,00200,00
165Ohio and Mississippi Railroad01.03.1856350,00350,00 n
166Palmer Union Oil Co.11.07.192875,00unsold
167Paterson and Little Falls Horse Railroad21.11.1870250,00unsold
168Philmont National Bank20.01.1934100,00unsold
169Pittsburgh & Allegheny Valley Traction04.10.191010,0022,00
170Plymouth, Kankakee & Pacific Railroad01.07.1871175,00unsold
171Pontotoc County Bond - Selma, Marion and Memphis Railroad01.07.1872250,00unsold
172Potomac Steamboat Co.01.01.1870150,00170,00
173Reading Fair Company23.09.191575,00unsold
174Rensselaer & Saratoga Rail Road01.07.1861150,00unsold
175Ringling Bros. - Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows Inc. (3 Stücke)400,00unsold
176Rock Island Southern Railroad01.01.1907125,00125,00
177Royal Phonograph Co.20.10.191780,0080,00
178Safety-First Appliances Co.18.03.1918125,00unsold
179Second National Bank of Allentown12.01.1891100,00150,00
180Selins Grove & North Branch Railroad01.07.1874250,00330,00
181South Carolina Central Railroad01.03.1871100,00unsold
182South Carolina Railway01.11.188160,00unsold
183South Carolina Railway01.11.1881100,00100,00
184South & North Alabama Railroad01.05.1873750,00unsold
185Southern Pacific Railroad (State of Texas)24.05.1869350,00unsold
186St. Louis, Indianapolis and Eastern Railroad01.01.189060,00unsold
187St. Louis, Jacksonville & Chicago Railroad16.03.1864300,00360,00
188St. Louis, Kansas City & Colorado Railroad01.01.188485,00unsold
189Standard Oil Co. (OU John D. Rockefeller, Oliver H. Payne)30.04.18782.400,00unsold
190Standard Shipbuilding Corp.05.04.1916200,00200,00
191Staten Island Midland Rail Road01.12.1890280,00unsold
192Stotts Signal Co.16.05.1908200,00unsold
193Street-Car Roller Bearing Co.20.02.1890250,00unsold
194Twin City & Lake Superior Railway24.02.1909300,00330,00
195Twin City & Lake Superior Railway01.10.1909150,00150,00
196United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Co.31.05.189850,0060,00 v
197United Railways & Electric Co. of Baltimore10.05.189960,00unsold
198USA - Grundstocksammlung (über 40 verschiedene ab 1873)50,0070,00
199Utah (Coal) Railway31.03.1915100,00100,00
200Vulcan Motor Devices Co.02.04.191770,00unsold
201Wayne County Coal and Iron Railway01.07.1867250,00unsold
202Waynesville, Port William and Jeffersonville02.07.1877450,00650,00
203Wilkinsburg Ice Co.22.08.1922100,00unsold
204Williams Valley Railroad01.11.1892100,00unsold
205Wilmington & Northern Railroad01.12.1887180,00unsold
206Yellowstone Park Telephone and Telegraph Co.01.12.1901900,00unsold
207AG der Russisch-Baltischen Waggon-Fabrik in Riga01.01.190980,00170,00
208AG zur Herstellung von Klebstoffen "Greif"01.01.1899250,00880,00
209Ateliers de Construction, Forges & Fonderies de Khartsisk (Donetz) S.A.01.01.189880,00unsold
210Baltische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft01.01.1875150,00unsold
211Banque foncière du Gouvernement de Kherson01.01.190080,0090,00
212Cie. des Usines Métallurgiques de St.-Pétersbourg01.01.1898250,00280,00
213City of Moscow Gas Co.03.12.1866200,00220,00
214Ehstländischer Adligen Güter-Kredit-Verein01.01.190680,00170,00
215Fonderies de Lougansk S.A.31.10.190850,00unsold
216Freiheits-Anleihe der provisorischen Regierung27.03.1917125,00125,00
217Ges. der Färbereien J. F. Watreme29.06.1884350,00unsold
218Ges. der Russischen Röhren-Walz-Werke (33 Stücke)01.01.1913200,00260,00
219Grosse Russische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (17 Stücke)250,00250,00
220Kaiserreich Russland (OU Nathan Rothschild)01.03.1822100,00110,00
221Kaiserreich Russland (OU Nathan Rothschild)01.03.1822120,00125,00
222Kiewer Hypothekenbank (Banque Foncière de Kiev) - 3 Stücke01.01.1898100,00100,00
223Laboratoire Chimique de St.-Petersbourg09.02.18901.400,00unsold
224Moskauer Agrar-Bank01.01.1883250,00550,00
225Moskauer Agrar-Bank01.01.1895250,00380,00
226Moskauer Handelsbank24.07.1871500,00550,00
227Naphta-Productions-Gesellschaft Gebrüder Nobel01.01.1911100,00150,00
228Naphta-Productions-Gesellschaft Gebrüder Nobel01.01.1914500,00650,00
229Première Société des C.d.F. Secondaires en Russie (Erste Russische Lokalbahn)01.01.1897250,00450,00
230Rossia Insurance Co. of America18.06.1929100,00100,00
231Rossia Insurance Co. of America22.11.1929150,00150,00
232Rossia Insurance Co. of America01.01.1937120,00120,00
233Rossia Insurance Co. of America01.01.1939120,00120,00
234Russian Collieries Co.04.07.189980,00unsold
235Russisch-Chinesische Bank (Banque Russo-Chinoise)01.01.1896400,00unsold
236Russische Fondsen, Kantoor van Administratie van Vloten & de Gyselaar, Buys & Zoon en H.W. van Driel Slam03.11.182990,00130,00
237Russische Fondsen, Kantoor van Administratie Hope & Comp., Ketwich & Voombergh und Weduw Willem Borski06.07.184780,00120,00
238Russische Gesellschaft für Pulverfabrikation01.01.18841.250,00unsold
239Russische Pharmaceutische Handels-Gesellschaft01.01.190880,00unsold
240Russischer Lloyd Versicherungs-Gesellschaft für See-, Fluss- und Land-Transport01.01.19093.000,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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