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HSK Auction catalog XXXII  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
81Boone County Cooperative Electric Association07.04.193850,0050,00
82Booth Fisheries Co.02.07.1920280,00unsold
83Brooklyn & Brighton Beach Railroad01.09.1895150,00180,00
84Brooklyn Steamship & Emigration Co.01.06.1867250,00unsold
85Catskill and Albany Steam Boat Co.01.01.186390,00105,00
86Cayadutta Electric Railroad18.04.189375,00unsold
87Centennial International Exhibition (Centennial Board of Finance)27.05.18761.200,00unsold
88Center Garage Co.01.09.1918350,00unsold
89Central Electric Company14.08.1903100,00unsold
90Central National Bank of Lynn13.04.1938100,00100,00
91Chatham Rail Road01.05.1868150,00190,00
92Chicago & Alton Railroad01.11.1862125,00180,00
93Chicago Great Western Railroad07.04.193765,0065,00 v
94Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad07.12.193665,0065,00
95Cia. Azucarera del Paraiso Novillero S.A.25.07.192450,0055,00
96Cia. Emporio Industrial do Norte21.03.192180,00unsold
97Cia. Industrial Saltillera01.07.1901150,00unsold
98Cie. des Chemins de Fer Nord de Sao-Paulo, Réseau d’Araraquara15.03.1911100,00unsold
99Cie. Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama S.A. - Konvolut (3 Stücke)150,00unsold
100Cincinnati and Indiana Railroad01.01.1867150,00150,00
101Cincinnati and South Eastern Railway01.09.1881125,00145,00
102Cincinnati Inter-Terminal Railroad22.08.1905100,00120,00
103Citizens Bank of Checotah09.06.1904200,00220,00
104Cleveland, Painesville & Ashtabula Railroad01.05.1854150,00220,00
105Columbus & Erie Railroad21.01.192060,0085,00
106Columbus Southern Railway Co.01.01.1890150,00unsold
107Concord & Montreal Railroad07.12.1915125,00155,00
108Concord Railroad30.04.1870150,00170,00
109Connecting Railway27.01.192770,00unsold
110Cumberland Railway and Power Co.01.04.1919200,00unsold
111Davenport & Rock Island Bridge, Railway and Terminal Co.23.11.1897100,00100,00
112Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Railroad23.03.1857140,00150,00
113Distilled Soda Water Co.19.10.189150,00unsold
114Dow Chemical Co.03.11.195250,00unsold
115Doylestown National Bank11.04.1867100,00100,00
116Drumm Automatic Roller Co.10.10.191650,00unsold
117Edison Storage Battery Supply Co.21.06.19161.000,00unsold
118Electric Sugar Refining Co.16.10.1886150,00170,00
119Erickson Tire Corp.06.02.1921350,00unsold
120Evansville & Illinois Railroad - County of Vanderburgh01.02.1850300,00unsold
121Excelsior Press Brick Manufacturing Co.08.04.1873500,00500,00
122Favorite Gold Mining25.09.190010,0034,00
123First National Bank of Cooperstown17.11.191360,00unsold
124First National Bank of Thomson22.12.1914100,00120,00
125Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad10.08.1853175,00unsold
126Freehold & Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad05.11.1869300,00550,00
127Gibbs & Ball Plow Co.04.12.1883125,00unsold
128Glens Falls Railroad01.07.1869150,00160,00 v
129Great Republic Gold & Silver Mining Co.25.07.1867100,00140,00
130Hanover & York Railroad16.11.1874125,00138,00
131Herkimer & Mohawk Street Railroad26.09.1871150,00unsold
132Houston & Great Northern Railroad15.02.1872200,00unsold
133Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railroad & Coal01.12.186390,00110,00
134I.O.S. Ltd. (Investors Overseas Services)01.01.197060,0060,00
135Illinois & Indiana Coal and Railway01.06.1881100,00unsold
136Illinois, Missouri and Texas Railway10.07.1871280,00unsold
137International Incandescent Light07.12.189875,00125,00
138Iowa Falls & Sioux City Rail Road01.01.188090,00100,00
139Jackson, Lansing & Saginaw Railroad19.12.1913125,00unsold
140Joliet & Chicago Railroad14.11.190180,00unsold
141Kanawha & Michigan Railway09.05.191185,0085,00
142L’Etat de Rio Grande do Sul18.10.1919150,00unsold
143Latin-American Trading Co.02.07.1929100,00unsold
144Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.10.08.2008200,00800,00
145Lowell & Framingham Railroad31.12.188175,0077,00
146Massachusetts and New Mexico Mining10.10.1879120,00unsold
147McLeod Air Railroad Signal Co.13.11.1881250,00350,00
148Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad01.03.1860125,00unsold
149Memphis Street Railway02.04.193580,0085,00
150Metropolitan Steam Ship Co.15.12.1880380,00unsold
151Mexican Pacific Railway09.08.1889100,00unsold
152Miller Train Control Corp.20.03.192885,0085,00
153Mineral de Huanillo de Cobija01.01.190350,0058,00
154Mobile & Ohio Railroad20.11.189270,00unsold
155Narragansett Steamship Co.17.04.1869200,00unsold
156National Bank of Methuen22.05.192375,0088,00
157National Compress Co.30.03.1916250,00unsold
158National Exchange Bank of St. Paul06.06.191780,0088,00
159New Jersey Junction Railroad (OU John Pierpont Morgan)30.06.1886150,00unsold
160New Jersey West Line Railroad11.03.1870250,00400,00
All prices are in Euro

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