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HSK Auction catalog XXXVI  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
131Savannah & Charleston Rail Road01.04.1871200,00unsold
132Sea Beach Railway01.09.189680,0080,00
133Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern Railway19.07.188780,0080,00 v
134Sebago & Long-Pond Steam-Navigation Co.19.07.1849500,00650,00
135Second National Bank of New Haven07.02.195865,0065,00
136Sedalia, Warsaw & Southwestern Railway02.03.1906250,00unsold
137Selma, Rome & Dalton Railroad01.10.1867200,00200,00
138Slate Belt Electric Street Railway02.01.191260,00unsold
139Soc. Francaise Chemin de Fer a Navires11.02.18901.000,00unsold
140Spaulding Gold and Silver Mining05.02.1879125,00125,00
141State of Bahia 5 % Gold Loan of 190414.03.1905300,00300,00
142State of Para 5 % Sterling Loan of 190702.07.1907400,00unsold
143State of Paraná 5 % Gold Loan of 190501.12.1905100,00unsold
144Stillwater & St. Paul Railroad24.06.1878120,00unsold
145Sunset Crude Oil Co.27.07.190080,0080,00
146Toledo, Delphos & Burlington Railroad (Dayton Vivision)01.07.1880150,00150,00 n
147Toledo Norwalk and Cleveland Railroad26.10.1852250,00270,00
148Toledo & Ohio Central Railway29.12.189980,0080,00
149Twin City & Lake Superior Railway24.02.1909250,00310,00
150United Railways of the Havana and Regla Warehouses, Ltd.01.03.191475,00unsold
151United States Treasury-Office20.02.1790100,00110,00
152United States Whaling Co.15.04.1912380,00unsold
153USA - Konvolut (220 Stücke)10,0070,00
154Vizekönigreich Peru06.06.1815200,00220,00
155Wallkill Valley Railway01.10.1870500,00950,00
156Wat-Chung Railway05.04.1880125,00unsold
157Wheatley Dramatic Association16.11.1872650,00800,00
158Wildwood & Delaware Bay Short Line Railroad06.01.1913100,00unsold
159Wilmington, Charlotte & Rutherford Railroad01.01.1860500,00750,00
160Wilmington, Charlotte & Rutherford Railroad01.04.1869125,00125,00
161Yellowstone Park Telephone and Telegraph Co.01.12.1901500,00unsold
162A. A. Huik Konservu Fabriku Akciju S-BA01.01.192580,00110,00
163AG Bierbrauerei Gust. Kuntzendorff09.04.192775,00110,00
164AG der Chemischen Fabrik Friedr. Bayer & Co.01.01.1912200,00unsold
165AG der Chemischen Fabrik Friedr. Bayer & Co.01.01.1912250,00250,00
166AG der Russisch-Baltischen Waggon-Fabrik in Riga01.01.190960,00unsold
167AG Rigaer Papierfabriken01.01.190190,00unsold
168Akcine Bendrove “Dompol”01.01.192750,00160,00
169Aktiengesellschaft "Pekar" (Bäckerei-Gesellschaft)01.01.19141.500,001.500,00 n
170Allrussische Auto-Lotterie AWTODOR (5 Stücke 1928-1934)01.01.1928200,00unsold
171Banque de Commerce et d’Industrie de Latvia01.06.192180,00unsold
172Ehstländische Credit-Casse10.04.1885100,00280,00
173Ehstländischer Adligen Güter-Kredit-Verein01.01.190380,0080,00
174Estländische Versicherungs-AG “POLARIS”01.01.192990,0090,00
175Estonian Republic01.01.192075,00110,00
176Fransche Fondsen, Kantoor van Administratie Hope & Comp., Ketwich & Voombergh und Weduw Willem Borski13.03.188880,00unsold
177Fransche Fondsen, Kantoor van Administratie Hope & Comp., Ketwich & Voombergh und Weduw Willem Borski13.03.188880,0080,00 n
178Furnierfabrik Julius Potempa AG01.01.1925100,00260,00
179Gouvernement Imperial de Russie - Second Emprunt d’Orient01.01.18782.000,003.400,00
180Kaiserreich Russland18.11.1824100,00unsold
181Kaiserreich Russland, Emprunt Intérieur (Zweite Innere Anleihe)01.01.1915150,00unsold
182Kaiserreich Russland (OU Nathan Rothschild)01.03.1822100,00unsold
183Kindlustusaktsiaselts Eesti Lloyd01.01.1937100,00110,00
184Lettländische Speditions AG “Gerhard & Hey”01.01.192290,00220,00
185Nishni-Novgorod-Samaraer Hypotheken-Bank01.01.1909150,00270,00
186Nishni-Novgorod-Samaraer Hypotheken-Bank01.01.191250,00unsold
187Paju Sabiedriba “Planta”01.01.193860,00110,00
188Riga “Plywood” Manufacturing Co.01.01.192650,0060,00
189Rigaer Blei- und Zinkfarben-Werke AG01.01.192575,0075,00
190Rigaer Kreditbank AG01.04.192380,00110,00
191Rigaer Städtischer Kreditverein21.12.192975,00180,00
192Russisch-Asiatische Bank01.01.191275,00unsold
193Russisch-Chinesische Bank (Banque Russo-Chinoise)01.01.1896300,00600,00
194Russische Fondsen, Kantoor van Administratie Hope & Comp., Ketwich & Voombergh und Wed. W. Borski14.07.1826100,00120,00
195Russische Fondsen, Kantoor van Administratie Hope & Comp., Ketwich & Voombergh und Weduw Willem Borski24.07.182780,0080,00
All prices are in Euro

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