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HSK Auction catalog XXI  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
161Steinmetz Electric Motor Car Corp.16.05.1923100,00unsold
162Sterling Iron & Railway Co.18.04.189250,0050,00
163Submarine Boat Corp.21.01.1925130,00130,00 v
164Tacoma, Orting & Southeastern Railroad18.12.1896220,00220,00
165Taylors Falls and Lake Superior Railroad09.05.1894110,00120,00
166Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad06.01.188690,00unsold
167Thanksgiving Coffee Co.24.09.199940,00unsold
168The Winter Park Company16.04.1885200,00330,00
169Toledo Belt Railway07.11.190560,00unsold
170Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway07.05.1903160,00unsold
171Transalaska-Siberian Railway Co.10.03.1909350,00390,00
172Ulster & Delaware Railroad02.08.1884120,00120,00
173Uncas National Bank of Norwich01.01.190060,00unsold
174Union Canal Co. of Pennsylvania01.11.1853100,00120,00
175Union Freight Railroad17.08.1873140,00unsold
176Union Petroleum Co.21.04.1865150,00unsold
177Valley Railway22.04.187940,0044,00
178Vedado Tennis Club20.01.191960,0065,00
179Verein “Freundschaft”15.07.187370,00unsold
180Vixen Alluvial Gold Mining Co.07.03.189650,00unsold
181Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal Railway10.05.190470,00unsold
182Walla Walla Valley Traction Co.27.12.1906120,00unsold
183Walt Disney Productions01.01.198890,00unsold
184Washington Central Railway01.08.1898140,00160,00
185Washington & Columbia River Railway01.10.190775,00unsold
186Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway22.05.189575,00unsold
187Western Pacific Railroad21.04.194840,0065,00
188Wheeling Bridge & Terminal Railway28.12.189180,00unsold
189Yellowstone Park Association12.07.1885680,00unsold
190Young Maennerchor01.04.1885100,00unsold
191A/S Den Norske Industri- og Vexelbank01.03.1898125,00135,00
192AB Sundsvalls Köpmansbank30.06.190690,0099,00
193Actienbrauerei Sarajevo15.09.192310,0044,00
194Adria S.A. di Navigazione Marittima01.01.193475,00unsold
195AG der Kalischer Plüsch- und Sammet-Manufaktur01.01.191370,0075,00
196AG der landwirtschaftlichen Zuckerfabrik in Czellechowitz (Akciové Spolecnosti Rolnického Cukrovaru v Celechovicich)30.03.1903100,00unsold
197AG der Rigaer Strassenbahnen01.01.1911125,00125,00
198AG für Holzgewinnung und Dampfsägen-Betrieb vormals P. & C. Goetz & Cie.22.01.188440,00unsold
199AG Schweizerische Granitwerke01.07.191150,0050,00
200Akcine Bendrove “Dompol”01.01.192775,00unsold
201Allgemeine Depositen-Bank01.12.1879120,00unsold
202Amalgamated Pictorials28.04.1910200,00200,00
203AS Dansk Sofartstidende01.05.1903125,00unsold
204Associazione Marittima di Sabioncello01.09.1869125,00125,00
205Austro-Belgische Eisenbahn- und Industrie-AG21.03.192250,0060,00
206Automobiles Juwel S.A.25.06.1924250,00unsold
207Automobiles Th. Schneider & Cie.18.11.191250,0051,00
208Axel Springer Praha a.s.24.05.200360,00unsold
209Ballenberg-Dampfbahn AG20.12.198450,0050,00
210Baltic Cellulose Factory01.01.1936100,00100,00
211Baltische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft01.01.1875140,00260,00
212Baltische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft01.01.1875150,00240,00
213Banco Auxiliar do Comercio S.A.11.09.1922200,00200,00
214Banco di Sicilia30.08.192350,00unsold
215Bank Malopolski AG30.12.192150,0065,00
216Banque de Strasbourg (anct. Ch. Staehling, L. Valentin & Cie.) S.A.30.09.193550,00unsold
217Banque des Marchands de Tiflis01.01.191380,0095,00
218Barcelona Traction, Light & Power Co. Ltd.01.12.191150,0068,00
219Baugesellschaft Apollo AG31.03.190380,00unsold
220BBC Brown Boveri AG11.05.199330,0033,00
221Bengal Provincial Railway Co. Ltd.09.12.191650,00unsold
222Betriebs-Gesellschaft des Orientalischen Eisenbahnen01.01.190650,00unsold
223Bezirks-Sparkassa AG01.02.190160,0060,00
224Bierbrauerei und Malzfabrik Mich. J. Kossovljanin AG18.06.191270,00unsold
225Bjersjö Bryggeri AB01.03.189660,00unsold
226Böhmisch-Mährische Druckerei und Verlagsanstalt (Ceskomoravské Podniky Tiskarské a Vydavatelské v Praze)30.06.1918140,00140,00
227Boulangerie Mécanique Hygiénique d'Egypte09.11.189980,00unsold
228Brau-Gesellschaft des Marktfleckens Stankau07.05.18741.000,001.000,00
229British America Corp.30.06.189860,00unsold
230Brodarsko Akcijsko Drustvo Boka (Schifffahrts-AG Boka)10.03.192160,00unsold
231Caisse d’Épargnes et de Bienfaisance01.01.1787150,00160,00
232Central India Mining Company Ltd.01.04.192725,00unsold
233Ceskomoravská-Kolben AG01.11.1924280,00unsold
234Ceskomoravská-Kolben AG01.11.1924400,00unsold
235Chantiers Navals Francais S.A.01.07.191850,00unsold
236Chargeurs Réunis S.A. Cie. Francaise de Navigation à Vapeur05.08.192050,0050,00 v
237China Eastern Airlines Corp.05.06.200180,00110,00
238China Southern Airlines Co.26.05.199980,00110,00
239Chinese Imperial Government Gold Loan of 1896 (Kaiserlich Chinesische Staatsanleihe von 1896)01.04.1896250,00unsold
240Chinese Government 5 % Reorganisation Gold Loan of 191321.05.191350,0050,00
All prices are in Euro

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