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HSK Auction catalog XX  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
169Quicksilver Mining Co.20.02.1896140,00unsold
170Reliance Gold and Silver Mining Co. of Colorado01.08.1867140,00140,00
171Ringling Bros. - Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows Inc.01.01.1970400,00unsold
172Rio de Janeiro Suburban Tramways Ltd.03.04.191180,00unsold
173Rome & Decatur Railroad01.12.1886200,00unsold
174Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburgh Railroad01.07.187410,0028,00
175S.A. Financiera e Inmobiliaria del Rio de la Plata16.07.193450,00unsold
176S.A. The American Quebracho Company01.04.190790,00unsold
177San Francisco Land Ass.01.05.1874150,00unsold
178Sealshipt Oyster System20.04.1912250,00unsold
179Sievern & Knoxville Railroad23.05.1899200,00220,00 v
180Soc. Internationale d'Études du Canal Interocéanique de Panama29.07.1890185,00unsold
181Star Oil Co.31.03.1865150,00unsold
182State Line Gold Mining Co. No. 422.06.1881125,00unsold
183State of New York, Loan for Extension & Improvement of the Palisades Interstate Park03.04.191410,0010,00
184State of Rio de Janeiro01.10.1927150,00220,00
185Steinmetz Electric Motor Car Corp.16.05.1923100,00unsold
186Stroudsburg Bank125,00135,00 v
187Stuyvesant Motor Co.01.11.1920100,00110,00
188Sullivan Railroad10.05.1851200,00unsold
189Swan Creek Railway15.11.1875140,00unsold
190Swatara Falls Coal03.08.186590,00unsold
191Tampico Panuco Petroleum Maatschappij N.V.31.03.191810,0012,00
192Tennessee Centennial Exposition Co.01.06.1896900,00unsold
193The Winter Park Company16.04.1885200,00unsold
194Thomas A. Edison Incorp.09.07.19251.000,00unsold
195Tri-Metallic Mining, Smelting and Refining Co.18.04.19102.500,00unsold
196Trust del Alto Paraguay S.A.28.12.191075,0075,00 v
197Tuolumne County Water Co.27.09.186275,00110,00
198Ulster & Delaware Railroad01.01.1876100,00unsold
199United Railroads of Washington23.03.1893125,00125,00
200United States Automotive Corp.11.03.1921125,00unsold
201United States Steel Co.04.06.1903100,00110,00
202Utica, Chenango & Susquehanna Valley Railway06.09.190040,0044,00
203Walter Motor Truck Co.30.06.191410,0022,00
204Washington & Old Dominion Railway28.09.1911120,00unsold
205Washington & Western Railroad01.07.1882300,00unsold
206Western Jamaica Connecting Railway09.07.1845120,00unsold
207Wildwood & Delaware Bay Short Line Railroad06.01.1913125,00unsold
208Winnipeg Transfer Railway20.09.1895100,00100,00
209Woodstock & Blocton Railway01.01.1918100,00unsold
210Woodstown & Swedesboro Railroad20.05.188290,00unsold
211Yellowstone National Park Transportation Co.01.01.1910500,00unsold
212A Gloria Portuguesa Cia. de Seguros16.10.191890,00140,00
213A.S. Latvijas Tranzits30.08.192275,0075,00
214A/S Den Norske Industri- og Vexelbank01.03.1898125,00140,00
215A/S “Hektor”01.08.1912175,00185,00
216AB Dalarnes Bank15.06.1904110,00unsold
217AB Hamburger Cigarrfabriken01.07.1907100,00120,00
218AB Kreuger & Toll14.03.192910,0022,00
219Adamastor Cia. de Seguros Luso-Sul Americana15.07.1918400,00440,00
220“ADRIA” Fabbrica di Birra S.A.01.10.192150,0070,00
221Adria S.A. di Navigazione Marittima01.01.193475,0095,00
222Adriatische Bank12.09.191875,0080,00
223AG der Maschinenfabriken Escher Wyss & Cie.01.04.1912125,00unsold
224AG der Rigaer Strassenbahnen01.01.1914125,00125,00
225AG Dynamit Nobel07.01.1936100,00140,00
226AG Gürbethal-Bahn26.09.1902250,00unsold
227AG vormals Skodawerke in Pilsen16.12.1941100,00100,00
228Aktien-Hypotheken-Bank (Akcyjny Bank hypoteczny)02.09.192610,0015,00
229Anciens Établissements Siégel & Stockmann Réunis S.A.22.03.192810,0013,00
230Anglo American Bank of Greece S.A.19.02.192550,00unsold
231Anglo-Egyptian Oilfields Ltd.02.09.193670,0070,00
233Associazione Marittima di Sabioncello01.09.1869150,00unsold
234Ateliers de Construction Mécaniques et Aéronautiques Paul Schmitt S.A.27.11.191780,0080,00
235Austrian Government International Loan 193001.07.193060,0060,00 v
236Avions et Moteurs Renard S.A.08.04.192775,00unsold
237Bajavideker Volkswirtschaftliche Bank AG (Bajavideki Közgazdasági Bank)28.02.192675,00unsold
238Balatontavi Gözhajózási Részvény-Társaság (Plattensee-Dampfschiffahrts-AG)01.04.1891300,00325,00
239Banca di Credito Romano01.01.087270,00unsold
240Banca Generala Romana S.A.02.05.1906125,00125,00
241Banca Moldovei de Jos din Barlad S.A. (Bank der unteren Moldau AG in Barlad)01.03.192660,0070,00
242Banco Colonial Portuguez S.A.07.08.191810,0022,00
243Banco de Olot S.A.02.10.192260,00unsold
244Banco de Seguros06.05.192075,00unsold
245Bank der Tempelgesellschaft19.05.1934500,00600,00
246Bank für Brauindustrie01.07.192080,00unsold
247Bank für die Krajina AG24.07.191375,0075,00
248Banque Centrale de Grece S.A.01.12.191870,00unsold
249Banque Centrale des Caisses Rurales de Crédit01.04.193060,0071,00
250Banque Danubienne de Bulgarie10.07.1917120,00120,00
251Banque de Cochinchine S.A.20.10.1908150,00unsold
252Banque de Commerce de Lettonie28.04.192360,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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