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HSK Auction catalog XIX  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
61Crusader Aircraft Corp.13.03.1936225,00unsold
62Danbury and Norwalk Railroad01.08.1887140,00150,00
63Delaware & Potomac Fish Preserving Co.21.11.1881350,00unsold
64Demerara Railway17.07.1876200,00unsold
65Denver Circle Railroad10.02.1883375,00unsold
66Detroit Aircraft Corp.11.08.193080,0080,00
67Dorchester & Milton Branch Railroad05.02.1858150,00150,00 n
68Drexel Motor Car Corp.12.12.1916200,00unsold
69Duluth, Huron & Denver Railroad01.01.1887150,00unsold
70Dunkirk, Warren & Pittsburgh Railway15.11.1872130,00140,00 v
71Dutch Guiana Gold Co.22.04.1907225,00unsold
72Ehlert Nash Motors S.A. de Automoviles01.07.1930200,00unsold
73Elizabethtown & Paducah Railroad01.05.1873240,00unsold
74Ferro Monte Railroad16.02.1894225,00unsold
75Ferrocarriles y Elevadores Depietri S.A.21.09.193160,00unsold
76Florida Health Resort and Recreational Center for Women Inc.05.11.1930190,00unsold
77Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.22.03.1929440,00unsold
78Fortuna Gold Mining Co.08.03.1880190,00190,00
79Four Aces Mining Co.28.03.1906450,00450,00
80Fox Film Corp.01.01.1915175,00unsold
81Fox Film Corp.27.09.1926260,00unsold
82Franco-Texan Land Co.01.09.1876240,00unsold
83Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania for Promotion of the Mechanic Arts11.11.1914160,00160,00
84Galveston, Houston & Henderson Rail Road01.12.1853225,00unsold
85Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad08.10.1857150,00160,00
86Georgia & Florida Railway05.10.1910135,00180,00
87German-American Title Insurance, Trust and Safe Deposit Co.14.12.1885200,00200,00
88Germania Fire Insurance Co.16.03.1864220,00unsold
89Governor`s Creek Steam Transportation & Mining Co.09.02.1859300,00unsold
90Grand Gulf & Port Gibson Railroad19.06.1869150,00150,00
91Gray Goose Airways, Inc.06.01.1936240,00unsold
92Great Lakes Aircraft Corp.23.08.1929450,00unsold
93Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul Railroad01.08.1892225,00unsold
94Hall-Anderson Gold Mining Co.27.06.1885150,00unsold
95Haskell National Bank22.07.190975,00125,00
96Hawaiian Agricultural Co.24.03.1899250,00unsold
97Herkimer & Mohawk Street Railroad26.09.1871180,00unsold
98High Point, Randleman, Ashboro & Southern Railroad12.06.1889180,00180,00
99Hilo and Hawaii Telephone & Telegraph Co.22.04.1912300,00unsold
100Hoffman Oil & Refining Co.22.11.1918200,00233,00
101Honduras Government Railway Loan02.12.186780,00unsold
102Honduras Government Railway Loan20.02.1868200,00200,00
103Hot Springs Railroad01.07.1893150,00150,00 n
104Imperial Storage Battery Co.02.03.1912200,00unsold
105Importers and Traders Insurance Co. of Philadelphia25.11.1856240,00unsold
106Independence Irrigation Company01.01.191480,0080,00
107Independent Red Men Hall Association15.03.1879190,00unsold
108Kansas City, Topeka & Western Railroad13.07.1879170,00170,00
109Kansas City Viaduct and Terminal Railway23.08.1907280,00unsold
110Kansas City, Wyandotte & Northwestern Rail Road05.02.1890200,00unsold
111Keely Motor Co.28.02.1884300,00unsold
112Keystone Watch Club Co.06.04.1889240,00unsold
113La Alianza Compania de Credito y Segoros02.01.1862500,00650,00
114La Plata Mining and Smelting Co.06.03.1882300,00unsold
115Laramie, Hahns Peak & Pacific Railway20.04.1907375,00400,00
116Leopoldina Railway Co.04.05.1909200,00200,00 n
117Lexington Library15.04.1824240,00unsold
118Little Kanawha Navigation Co.01.06.1869225,00unsold
119Long Beach Amusement Co.12.08.1954200,00unsold
120Lynchburg & Durham Railroad08.09.1890250,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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