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HSK Auction catalog XXIX  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

You have entered the folowing search phrase:


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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
321Rederiaktiebolaget Wallonia02.11.192970,00unsold
322Rederiaktiebolaget Wanadis01.05.1920200,00200,00
323Rederieaktiebolaget Gloria16.12.1918100,00unsold
324Rederieaktiebolaget Helsingborg01.07.192950,00unsold
325Rederieaktiebolaget Volo30.03.191885,0090,00
326Stockholms Rederiaktiebolag Svea01.07.191780,00unsold
327Strömsholm Kanal03.03.1800700,00unsold
328Sundsvalls Ångfartygs AB02.01.1882240,00unsold
329Svensk-Ryska-Rederiaktiebolaget30.10.1918100,00110,00 v
330Svenska AB Nobel Diesel20.02.1919120,00unsold
331Svenska Landtmännens Rederi AB01.03.1918100,00unsold
332Svenska Ost-Indiska Co.02.05.17821.250,001.350,00
333Svenska Varvs- & Rederi-AB01.06.191880,00unsold
334Sydsvenska Skolskeppsaktiebolaget03.01.1916150,00150,00
335Tjusts Nya Ångfartygs AB01.10.193970,00unsold
336Vaxholms Nya Ångfartygs AB01.12.1901200,00unsold
337Wästerås Skeppsvarv & Rederi AB14.10.1918180,00unsold
338A/S Bergens Sodafabrik01.09.1902100,00100,00
339A/S “Borch 2”27.07.191610,0032,00
340A/S “CONGO”01.09.1929100,00unsold
341A/S Dampskibet “Vera”04.05.1921150,00unsold
342A/S Den norske Skofabrik14.09.191880,0085,00
343A/S Det Oversöiske Compagnie15.03.191790,0090,00
344A/S Det Oversøiske Compagnie’s Handelsselskap (Norwegian Oversea Trading Co.)20.01.192465,00unsold
345A/S “Fortuna”01.05.1914150,00unsold
346A/S Kunstforlaget “National”16.11.190770,00unsold
347A/S “Luksefjell”23.06.191940,0040,00
348A/S Norsk Skogindkjøbslag12.12.190685,00unsold
349A/S Norsk Telegrambyraa01.12.1919100,00100,00
350A/S Norsk-Sumatra Plantage Kompagni01.07.1927100,00unsold
351A/S Parmann & Co.01.11.190275,00unsold
352A/S Sandnessjoens Patentslip & Reparationsverksted15.12.1918240,00unsold
353A/S Skiens og Oplands Privatbank02.01.191770,0070,00
354A/S Sortland Fiskeriselskap24.05.1919400,00unsold
355A/S Stavanger Privatbank01.03.1918140,00140,00
356A/S Trondhjems Handelsbank01.04.1914125,00unsold
357A/S Trondhjems Handelsbank01.11.1916125,00unsold
358A/S “Velley”01.11.193080,0080,00
359Aalesunds Handelsbank A/S01.09.191790,0090,00
360Aalesunds Handelsbank A/S01.09.191890,00unsold
361Aalesunds Handelsbank A/S12.09.192390,00unsold
362AB Papyrus01.06.190690,0090,00
363AB Victor Brink31.07.1919120,00unsold
364Abo Angfartygsaktiebolag22.07.1893120,00480,00
365Abo Rederi Aktiebolag01.06.1899200,00480,00
366Allmänna Svenska Elektriska AB31.05.1913160,00160,00 n
367Andresens Bank A/S15.03.191350,0050,00
368Bergens Kreditbank01.07.191675,00unsold
369Bergens Kreditbank01.04.191875,00unsold
370Börringe-Östra Torps Jernvägsaktiebolag26.05.1897110,00170,00
371Christiansunds Bryggeri18.08.1882220,00unsold
372Dampskibsaktieselskabet Cordial II25.03.191850,00unsold
373Dampskibsaktieselskapet John K. Haalands Rederi01.03.191765,0065,00
374Den Norske Creditbank01.08.193475,0075,00
375Den Norske Handelsbank A/S15.03.191890,00unsold
376Den Norske Handelsbank A/S15.03.191890,0090,00
377Farsund og Opland Bank A/S01.04.193360,00unsold
378Försäkringsaktiebolaget Svenska Lloyd01.10.191760,00unsold
379Forskringsaktieselskapet “Tellus”01.02.1918100,00180,00
380Fredriksstad Privatbank30.11.191080,00unsold
381Fredriksstad Privatbank02.01.191970,00unsold
382Göteborgs Nya Angslups AB07.12.1872200,00260,00
383Gummiaktiebolaget Goodyear15.11.192075,00unsold
384Hansa Bryggeri28.12.1918140,00140,00
385Helgelands Privatbank A/S15.12.1917160,00unsold
386Hoegs Rederi A/S01.04.192090,00unsold
387Hvalfangerselskapet Grenada A/S29.11.1924180,00180,00
388Hvalfangerselskapet “Hektor” A/S24.10.1910150,00unsold
389Kjöbmaendenes Engrosforretning A/S05.09.1918120,00unsold
390Larvik Slip & Verksted A/S01.12.191875,00unsold
391Laurvigs Privatbank19.04.192090,0090,00
392Liedon Puhelinosuuskunta07.12.196670,00unsold
393Malmö-Ystads-Järnvägs AB04.02.1873150,00210,00
394Namdals Privatbank01.05.191890,00100,00 v
395Nordlands Privatbank15.11.1917100,00100,00
396Oplandske Kreditbank01.01.1914180,00unsold
397Peik Chokoladefabrik A/S01.10.1919100,00110,00
398Rederiaktieselskabet “Tronderen”01.06.1906125,00unsold
399Sala Silfververks AB15.12.1888900,00unsold
400Saltens Dampskibsselskab06.03.1922250,00270,00
All prices are in Euro

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