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Latest News 3/2010  

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March 8, 2010
XXIX. HSK-Auction - results now online!

Dear collector, Thank you very much for your participation at our auction. The auction was successful - total hammer price 150.000 Euro. The highlight of these auction was an old stock from the Hamburg-Altona Telegraphen-Linie 1838. We sold this item for 18.500,- Euro (starting price 15.000,- Euro). The results of our XXIX. Auction are online now. Many lots from the sale already found a new owner. But some phantastic pieces are still available. First come - first serve. Place your bids NOW at just the start price. After sale till April 10th, 2010....


March 2, 2010
XXIX. HSK-Auction - Only 4 days left for online bidding!

Dear Collector, The only HSK-Auction in 2010 starts in exactly 4 days in Hamburg. At March 6, 2010 finally it's time! Our event in Hotel Elysee in the heart of Hamburg is very close. We‘re looking forward to meeting you in Hamburg! If you can’t participate in person, you can make your bid online on this website and with good luck you can get the historic documents of your dreams. Making an online bid is possible until 12.00 p.m. (MEZ) on Friday, March 5, 2010.



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Schonen Steinkohlen-AG Königshütte
Schonen Steinkohlen-AG Königshütte
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